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10 Rules to Elevate Your Leadership Power

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"A valuable rubric emphasizing self-advocacy and self-accountability in career-building."

My Story

Monique enjoys helping people grow into their best selves. As a doctorate prepared workplace learning expert,  she is an advocate of  reflective practice, self-awareness and learning and development. She brings a compassionate yet down to earth approach to every interaction. 

Monique has 20 years of leadership experience and coaches managers and their teams to positively contribute to organizations. She is passionate about fostering inclusivity in the workplace by partnering with leaders to develop and optimize effective professionalism and interpersonal practices for all employees.  

She is the founder of Better Equipped Solutions where she offers coaching, consulting, and corporate training. She holds degrees from Columbia University, Pace University and Howard University and has published peer reviewed journals on quality improvement, burnout and professional development. 

Monique is a devoted mother and wife. She loves to travel the world with family and friends. You Know Best is her debut book that focuses on self-empowerment and provides fundamental principles to help leaders communicate, engage, and build influence in the workplace.

Speckled Background
Speckled Background
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